The Uncle Tom Syndrome: Responding to Samsudeen Sarr’s support of Ex-President Jammeh’s Election Result



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By: Imran Darboe

Mr Sarr, if anything is to be learned from your lengthy article in support of out-going president Yahya Jammeh’s rejection of the 1st December presidential election results in the Gambia, it is that you are as unsuited for the diplomatic role you’ve been appointed to, as the ill-fitting suit you wear in the picture that accompanied your long-winded propaganda piece. Furthermore, the assertions you make in your arguments simply go to confirm the “Uncle Tom’ type of ignorant loyalty and thus bias, you have for the out-going dictator.


Firstly, you seem to portray the opposition’s protests for electoral reform and disquiet over the IEC’s impartiality prior to elections as your proof that the IEC’s competency was in question. Indeed, its competency was not the issue, its impartiality was. This was because your master, ex-president Jammeh, solely selected the IEC without any opposition input, trusted in their fitness for the task and was prepared to defend the Commission so far as to even murder and arrest opposition members who demanded electoral reform. Having agreed to go to the polls is enough to show that the Coalition accepted the role of the IEC. It is therefore ridiculous for Jammeh to call his handpicked IEC incompetent, only after losing the results of the election. These are elections which your master, on national television proclaimed to be the MOST TRANSPARENT, RIG-PROOF ELECTIONS IN THE WHOLE (


Furthermore, looking at it constitutionally, your master lacks the authority to declare the election result null and void. Your endorsement of his declaration only goes to show ignorance on your part, and ignorance Mr Sarr, is an enslaving power. In your position, you should have been able to see that the only medium by which Jammeh can dispute these results would be through Judicial review. Now, to announce the results as null and void first, then subsequently announce his intent to file a petition with a Supreme Court he disassembled since 2015, then proceeding to handpick and appoint judges to preside over his case, is ludicrously undemocratic, against the rule of law and offensive to any sense of honesty. That is the type of dictatorial behaviour that led to the electorate voting your eccentric leader out.

Granted, Mr Sarr, Gambians in the diaspora have long put their voices, efforts and resources in ridding the Gambia of your Master, and indeed some have risked and lost their lives in the process. Our dislike of your master did not occur overnight but was borne of the oppression and abuse we saw being perpetrated against our compatriots back home. Gambians at home would have reacted the same had your monstrous master not had a stranglehold on them through fear. It is rich coming from you therefore, to complain about those Gambians who tried to displace Jammeh out by forceful means after two decades of tyranny. Remember your master himself came to power by force and after 22 years and losing a democratic election, still refuses to relinquish. You claim it was a bloodless takeover, yet even that fact has more to do with the gentlemanly former president, Sir Dawda KAIRABA Jawara, than your hard-hearted leader. A subsequent 22 years of killings, torture, rants and disappearances attest to that fact. If Sir Dawda was one to selfishly entrench himself in his position as your master is doing at this instance, a whole lot of blood would have been spilled. In any case, raising these points was irrelevant to the rejection of the election results.


It is shameful of you, Mr Sarr, to claim that the chairman of the IEC was incompetent, without stating the childish proclivities of your master, after all, is it not childishly impudent for one to elect a referee in a contest and after losing the contest, brand the referee incompetent. You remain one of a few people who find such a claim credible. Since that ill-advised rejection, the international community, Gambians home and abroad and even former supporters of Jammeh have seen his obstinate, egocentric bullshit as just that. The entire world has voiced the same verdict, “HE MUST GO” and the fact that you, Mr Sarr, are too blinded to see that fact, exposes you as one of the parasitic enablers of dictatorship – the spineless selfish people that have kept Africa on its knees up to this day. No wonder you face the allegations you claim to face. I can easily believe a claim that you and those of your ilk did indeed try to persuade the former president to contest the election result. For one thing, you indicated in your article your dismay when Jammeh decided to concede, and here you are, one of the few who support this absurdly stupid and futile claim of his, to remain in power.


In perhaps the stupidest of your claims, you wrote

… the IEC should have also remembered that in April 2016, the same dissidents who planned and executed the fatal attack in the country explored another regime-changing tactic of the APRC government by raising funds in the USA and sponsoring a mass civil disobedience veiled as a peaceful demonstration for electoral reform because of the “corruptibility” of the IEC. In that failed-incited uprising people also lost their lives while others went to jail for their wrong beliefs… These were all serious issues that the IEC should have considered earnestly in the sensitive outcome of the results.”

Besides the blatant lies, considering that any violence and the killing was perpetrated by your master and his government, how irrational of you, to think that the IEC should have had any of these things in contemplation, what relevance do those incidents have, to the result of the election. Could the IEC have announced a different result after considering these factors? Indeed, not. The commission’s task was merely to collate the vote of the electorate, count and declare the result, and they did just that.


Your irrelevant claim that Gambians in the diaspora had been sponsoring the opposition is also futile in every sense. There is nothing illegal about us funding opposition parties whom your master has made every effort to undermine, from increasing fees for parties and individuals who wish to stand, to incarcerating political leaders who pose too big a threat. You also accuse the diaspora of calling for Jammeh’s assassination yet you somehow conveniently choose to remain silent on the fact that he not only called for killing, but in fact has effected the murder and disappearance of hundreds of Gambians.


Mr Sarr, you must know that, regardless of your views about Gambia’s call for Jammeh to be prosecuted or brought to justice, no matter your protestations against it, he will be brought to justice. If you do not know what the whole world already knows, this claim of election irregularity is just a last ditch effort to avoid facing the consequences of 22 years of mischievous atrocities committed against the people of the Gambia. Like you yourself said “Mak Du Feicha Yal Naa Dea”. It’s a ploy we have seen all too often, from despots and tyrants when they know the end is inevitable. You don’t have to look far in history however, Mr Sarr, to know that the end of all dictators have been the same, justice will be served in the end one way or another.

It says a lot about you, when you claim that, if it were left to you, you would’ve challenged the results upon their first announcement. That sort of presumptive idiocy can only come from a leech whose prosperity depends on his host’s survival. You sir, are certain that your relevance and role is firmly contingent on Jammeh’s continued stay in power, thus your arguments stink much worse than your claim that the election results stink. Your mental incompetence is quite staggering to be honest. To have the audacity to say that “[T]he APRC government and its supporters shouldn’t allow these unpredictable people with no experience on modern government matters to come and destroy their lives” is to assume that the government has an opinion in the matter. But of course having gotten used to dictatorship, you would naturally assume that. But wake up Mr Sarr, The Gambian voters have already stated their choice through the ballot, and it will not be frustrated.


And again, how rich of you to talk about inexperience in government when the same man from whose behind you refuse to pull your head out of, was the least educated and experienced, worst mannered person to possibly have come to power? The same man whose government, with the exception of a few, appoints the likes of you, ignorant enough to obey every whim, spineless enough to hold their tongues even when the truth stares them in the face, or greedy enough to sell their compatriots and their souls for positions they have no capacity to hold. Indeed, Mr Sarr, if any government is incompetent it is the one in which you work, the one that appointed a half-wit like you to represent us at the United Nations.


As for your claims that Senegal wants to annex the Gambia somehow, it does not dignify any comment and you ought to slap yourself for being so ridiculous. For a diplomat, it is a shameful analysis of Senegal’s relationship with Gambia. Imagine you, a UN diplomat, commending Jammeh for interfering in the dispute between the Senegalese government and the Casamance, a region within Senegalese jurisdiction and sovereignty. And yet you cry about Senegal’s reaction to such a president? What business of Jammeh is it? Does he not continually rant about foreign interference in Gambian affairs? Have you not been constantly raving about how Gambians outside Gambia get involved with the opposition? How can you condone Jammeh’s interference in another country’s national business and yet contest that Gambians in the diaspora should not interfere or support the coalition against your master? For such lack of logic, you, Mr Sarr, should be stripped of you post, and you surely will be. Your lack of common sense disqualifies you from holding such a job.

At least you may be right in saying that your master has bolstered the army and improved their condition. Yet even if that were the case, it had been done for the most selfish of reasons. Ours is an army whose loyalty Jammeh seems to have bought to keep himself in power. If only they could see the bigger picture, they would see that it was the people’s money that actually improved their state. They would have seen that with a more prosperous Gambia under democratic rule and a better economy, they would have benefitted more.


Ultimately, Mr Sarr, you article had little to do with why the election result was void. Of course that assertion is indefensible and a silly one, the whole world knows it. No amount of ranting against Gambians’ choice will change that. The truth is your master’s reign has reached its shelf-life and as a consequence so has yours. No amount of biased arguments and articles from you will change that. Just like Jammeh you seem to be too slow to realise that the Gambians have awakened and are rid of the fear that held them down formerly. Unlike some of the smart parasites who will probably try to lodge on to another host, you seem to have clung to your old host to the very end. Too bad your time in the limelight is coming to an end, you have ridden your luck Mr Sarr, but it’s the end of the road I’m afraid. Long live the Gambia and the sovereignty of the Gambian people.



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  1. Name calling is usually a sign of thin Skiness and intolerance. What The Gambia needs more of at this very crucial and decisive time is, a total rejection and burial of intolerant platitudes and mechanizations of wordsmiths such as Imran Darboe. There are signs already Popping up within and among those who never supported anything having to do with the Second Republic. The no love lost syndrome and Hatred towards the Second Republic would be understandable, if was out of Principle and Unselfish desire to make The Gambia, better place for all, depending on what that means. No, their hatred and violence laced language and behavior was and is still governed and driven by a Disease, the Tribalist and Sectoinalist type. The Gambians made Jammeh and the Second Republic, what it is. If the Gambia as estimated is about 40% one tribe and only about 9% or 11% another, it makes one wonder how the 9% or 11% were able to govern or if you wish rule over the alleged 40% who claim to be the Opposition and Victim of the Second Republic. It deserves an in-depth analysis, because it defies logic and reason of any kind this person can muster to gather or deliver. The truth is, the 40% who are and some of them were “never Jammeh” Gambians, were Complicit in any and all deeds the Second Republic is caused of having committed. The Gambia like most African countries, depends on Public Service employment and as such, most of them did at their own Volition and without Coercion, willingly accepted and sought after positions in the Second Republic. They did participate in the same Second Republic’s alleged sins and only found the sins unacceptable after they were thrown out by their tails. Such Converts are and should be held suspect at best and at worst, be disqualified from occupying Cabinet positions at during the Third Republic. Above all, what I am most convinced of is the fact that, there are a few in the Gambia who are blameless. We, all Gambians are in one way or another Complicit in what The Second Republic under Jammeh is alleged to have committed against the innocent Gambian people. The insidious and Cat calls of Tribalist and Sectoinalist talk, is self-serving platitudes that are irresponsible and dangerous. There is no tribe and region in the Gambia that is free from blame of the alleged Repressive actions against the Gambian people under President Jammeh. Denying this simple fact, only demonstrates the willingness to help ones self with a load of dirty laundry and pretending that they are clean. All Gambians must atone their sins and purify their souls. They their brothers and sisters jeepers, and should endeavour to Protect and preserve the Peace and Tranquility of the Nation, The Gambia. If we fail due to the “inbox folders” of our tendency to disregard the obvious truths, for the sake of convenience, we would love to regret it as well as conderm our children and generations yet unborn. All Gambians have the privilege, if not the right to express their god given right to express their opinion without Fear of being subjected to the “Elementary school playground” bullying and harassment not befitting our nature. At least the Gambian people’s nature I was riced and stewed on before my departure from my beloved The Gambia in the late 1970s at the ripe age of 15 years. I am not a Partisan, nor do I need to be, to feel a Gambian. Gambians need to check their emotions at the doors of their respective compounds and families, before venturing into the Public domain. Words mean a lot and should be used with care and in an introspective and responsible manner not to incite, insidiously attempted to cause Civil disturbance and potentially harm to those one disagrees with. Gambians should resolve to remember that, Allah/God hath made of one blood, All Nations”. Hatred leads to Suffering, death and destruction. There is too much hate speech and debate going on among and between Gambians at a time, we as Gambians need more Tolerance and Inclusiveness, more Acceptance and Forgiveness, and more Dialogue and Understanding between Opposition Parties, Neighbors, Tribes and all who call themselves GAMBIANS.

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