Mbaam Nderry Mbai Blackmailing The Coalition !

Mbaam Nderry Mbai will not survive in a unified Gambia!. At a time when Gambians are busy seeking a middle ground to unite and move forward in unison, Pa is busy trying to divide Gambians. Gambians and non-Gambians alike are currently praying for peace to prevail in The Gambia. Pa on the other hand is engaged in dividing Gambians. It is now clear that Mr. Mbai cannot survive without the polarization of Gambians. Thankfully, his ratings has been plummeting partly due to the rise of more credible and professional online medias. Gambians had no alternative when his bills were paid off easily back then. Nowadays, One cannot even visit his website without worrying about their computers being infected by virus. All he is left with is his Facebook account. He is currently insulting in all directions. Mbaam Nderry Mbai will never accept the fact that he went from the leading online platform to almost nothing. Insulting fellow Gambians for their positions is uncalled for. This is a critical time for Gambia, we certainly will not be giving this big baby the attention he is seeking. We ask God The Most High to unify us as Gambians in these trying times, and usher out all these hate and negative energy within our midst.

The Gambian activists in the diaspora commonly referred to as ” strugglers ” have made a huge difference  in the elections of Adama Barrow. Not only did they combat President Jammeh and contributed to the negative image  the world has of him, but they have also funded the campaign of the coalition. President Elect Adama Barrow has publicly recognized the contribution of the activists in the diaspora and thanked them dearly.
Indeed, the activists of the diaspora were unified and they all decided to support any candidate the coalition would come up with. Hence, they supported Adama Barrow and contributed significantly to his victory. Today, the activists are  celebrating and working to safeguard their victory while avoiding to take any action or maintain any discourse that promote violence and unrest in The Gambia.
Mbaam Nderry , as always, is the exception and not the good one. He supported Mama Kandeh, which is his right.  However, he launched a campaign of defamation and unfair criticism against Adama Barrow and the coalition. One can say Pa has a right to support whomsoever he wants to. But, he has no right to defame other innocent Gambians.
These days,  Mbaam Nderry has been showing signs of trouble. He is using  his online platform to sabotage the  the incoming government . He is already playing some members of the coalition against others and reporting news that have the potential of dividing Gambians further instead of unifying them. The most dangerous game Mbaam Nderry plays is selling his services. If you are a good observer , you will see most of the people looking for asylum during the presidency of H.E Yahya Jammeh would have a ” story ” on the the Freedom Newspaper they can use demonstrate to embassies they were in fear of being persecuted.  Soon , it will  no longer be possible to claim persecution to apply for asylum. One has to wonder what Mbaam Nderry will do to make money, then. The Inquirer can tell you now his platform will be used to blackmail the new regime and lobby for positions. Very soon, you will read on his platform stories about infighting in the coalition, scandals, etc. Indeed, the ugly dude has already started. Recently , he interviewed a young man who was complaining about not being paid for work he did for the coalition during the campaign ! ! ! So early, you would say !
Gambians have to wake up and undecerstand Mbaam Nderry is not a journalist, but a ghost writer. You pay him and you get a customized story published on his platform. Recently, an individual who committed theft and confessed to it in writing have him publish a totally fabricated story to save herself.  This is the way Mbaam Nderry operates : working for the highest bidder. The Inquirer will continue to denounce him because he is a danger to Gambians’ aspirations for peace and social cohesion.
 We can see that his audience is shrinking day by day.  He has been around for years, but cannot have even  30,000 followers on Facebook when other platforms such as The Fatu Network  has  about 175,000 followers. Fatu Camara, herself, has 40,584 followers on her personal Facebook ! This is an indication that Gambians are getting to know the man better and better. We encourage Gambians to boycott his platform ;  never to click on any ad on his sites ; not to listen to his radio through the telephone system. Mbaam Nderry makes money though third-parties advertisement and  “radio by phone “.
The professional work of some  Gambian  platforms  have been burying him and he is doing whatever he can to stay relevant.  Let us Gambians  make sure no media outlet  divide us. APRC members as well as the coalition supporters are all Gambians and deserve respect and freedom to make their political choices.  Mbaam Nderry Mbai’s mother  Aja Dardo Nget is a staunch APRC supporter and an APRC Yaayi Compin  who was sent to Mecca a few years ago courtesy of President Jammeh !  No one is putting her on the spot because of her support to APRC.   The black sheep of the struggle should  observe some restraint.  While Mbaam is busy insulting innocent Gambians for their affiliations with APRC, he overlooks his own family.     We cannot witch-hunt APRC supporters. They are Gambians and they are free to make any choice they want.
PS :
I hear Mbaam Nderry today talking about Queen Fadera, an individual he has decided to destroy by presenting him as a victim of The Gambian government.  Queen Fadera’s employment and retirement have paper trails and the information can be revealed at any time.  Queen Fadera also has been caught on tape confessing about his ” collaboration” with Mbaam Nderry.  Mbaam Nderry , ask Queen if he was not called  and what he said?  Queen is an individual of a certain age with family and other responsibilities. Queen cannot read or write nor can he use a GPS. ..Still he was able to work   as a driver in DC for the Gambian government  until he retired. Why Mbaam Nderry  wants always to talk about Queen and his supposedly unfair retirement  when he knows the latter will be humiliated if all information about him is revealed?
One of the sources of Queen has been caught red-handed. A  written and  a recorded  confessions, and other documents  are at the disposal of The Gambia Inquirer and we will publish them to defend the honorability of people who did not wrong anyone. We, at the Inquirer , will not sit and let an imbecile use the web to destroy innocent people. Getting drunk and going live on an online radio to insult people and promote hatred within a country are not tolerable. The time to sit down and play the coward is over. Mbaam Nderry is no one, but a fat  , low-self-esteem and ugly man who cannot even pronounce English words correctly.
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