Queen Fadera Plotting with Mbaam Nderry Mbai !


Queen Fadera, an ex-Driver of the Embassy Plotting with Mbaam  Nderry Mbai !

 Kudos to The Gambia Embassy in DC ! There has been a recent hit article against The Gambia Embassy in DC.   The faked reporter who posted the article has been greatly abused.   The source of his information is Queen Fadera, a retired employee of the embassy. Queen was informed by a secretary of the embassy who has committed fraud against The Gambia by exploiting some loopholes of the current visa system and abusing the trust of the embassy for her own benefits.

The Gambia Inquirer, as usual, has dug deeper and can reveal to you the correct information. This is what happened:

The  Consular  suspected some irregularities in the visa processing  after he received some tips from the staff and led an internal investigation that reveal a non-Gambia national who has been employed by the embassy for years has been stealing  the monies  of the embassy. As soon as the Consular had clear proofs of the crime, he sidelined the employee from  the visa processing while continuing an investigation without telling her anything.


Not knowing the Consular is aware of her crimes and seeing that the visa processing system is being changed and that she was going to lose a source of illegal “extra income”, the employee in question leaked some fabricated information with the hope that she can  stop the efforts to improve the visa system and continue her abuse.

To succeed in her treacherous enterprise, she used Queen Fadera.

In fact, the secretary who committed fraud against the embassy, is a national of India named Suhasini Karipalli  ( aka Sue ) and she has been abusing the system for years with the help of previous staff members who are no longer part of the embassy and live now in the Washington DC /Maryland/ Virginia area ( including Queen Fadera ) .   Queen Fadera also used to abuse the system and that is one of the reasons, the government of The Gambia had to let him go after HE RETIRED. Given Queen Fadera is not educated and has no skills, he cannot find a job and he is mad the Gambian government let him go AFTER HE RETIRED. Queen Fadera worked for the Embassy from 1987 to 2016 . He enjoyed a lot of privileges including getting his daughter’s tuitions paid by His Excellency President Jammeh.

Today, Queen is living 10 minutes away from the embassy and is so obsessed with it. He keeps plotting against the current staff and leaked fabricated information to a donkey reporter who cannot differentiate fact and fiction. It is up to Queen and the others to continue lying about the Gambia or to step aside and have normal lives. The Inquirer has folders on them and we can exploit them for publication purposes as needed.  There is a life after employment at an embassy!

Coming back to the fraud committed by the secretary, our sources have revealed to us that the consular confirmed the theft by making secretly copies of visa applications and money orders and comparing them to the ones the secretary would return.  In few days, the consular found the scheme and sidelined the secretary from the visa processing.

We are told an internal investigation is still under the way and the embassy has been compiling proofs of the theft.  Our source revealed to us that the Consular is taking the issue seriously as  The Gambian government is very strict about embassies’ budgets and audits are being conducted all the time.

Our sources also revealed to us that the consular is extremely disappointed because he trusted the employee in question who has been working with the embassy for years and was employed by previous administrations as a local staff.

What the employee ignores is that some of her communications have been intercepted/reported.  The Gambian IT who did all the security and Net installation at the embassy revealed to us that he suspected the employee in question and already alerted the embassy officials.

After discovering the theft, The Consular confronted the secretary and the latter admitted she did steal money orders from the embassy. The secretary wrote a letter acknowledging the theft and apologizing.

Our sources did not tell us what the embassy has taken as a decision in regards to the secretary who has clearly stolen money and leaked fabricated information. We are following this case closely and we will keep you updated.

Our investigation in regards to this matter has taught us again a reporter should always go into the source and try to find out the truth, at least try. A smart person should not be used and abused for self-interests. The Inquirer congratulates the embassy for its diligent work.  We also congratulate the Gambian government for conducting auditing and making sure no employee is stealing Gambian money.

The Inquirer contacted H.E Ambassador Faye to confirm some of the  information it has in its possession.  Mr. Faye declined to comment saying the consular is in charge of visa issuance and he is allowing him to do his job.

The fake reporter who posted the story needs to learn what reporting is and abides by some journalistic ethics.  A reporter should never take information given to him and publish it without verifying the sources.

For example, The Inquirer has received information that that fake reporter who posted the story loves men and that is why he hates Gambian leadership. The person who gave us the information asked us to notice that Mbaam Nderry never shows himself with his family. The guy also told us Mbaam Nderry does not attend Gambian or other group gatherings because he has a serious condition of flatulence. He farts all the time. Maybe because of the ” sticks” he gets in the a…   Anyway, The Inquirer has abstained from publishing this type of information because of its personal nature.   We have more information to reveal on Mbaam  Nderry, but he is not a priority of ours. He is becoming more and more of a has-been. That is why, he is arguing with everybody.  Mbaam Nderry, a man with a low self-esteem who is trying with all his means to stay relevant when most Gambians ignore him. When you read his story, you will see the man has personal agendas and the whole article is fabrication. The publication of his article has been beneficial to some extent. The secretary was confronted and she revealed the names of all the people she talks to. She had the option of coming clean or getting arrested on the spot!

The investigation continues

The Gambia Inquirer


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