The vote is going on in The Gambia peacefully. We encourage voters to carry out their duties in a peaceful manner and to wait for official results from IEC.
The Internet and TV blackout is very sad because lack of access to information gives way to all types of speculations. Many are blaming the Gambian government for the blackout, but forget to mention the Gambian opposition media based abroad had announced it would publish its own results. Not only that, many of these online radios and websites have been spreading false information and inciting hate and violence. One online news outlet already published a fabricated story about a fight between different rallies during the campaign. That story was even debunked by the opposition itself.  Another platform invited a group of tech people who promised to hack and put down Gambia’s official websites.
It is extremely sad that online radios and websites that support the opposition are inciting all types of destabilization of The Gambia. The unpatriotic way of opposing the current regime is a big hindrance to more democratization and freedom of expression in The Gambia.  Remember the last armed attack in The Gambia stemmed from a group of individuals who are all related to ONE online platform.
Publishing fake stories that oppose one group against another with a real potential of creating ethnic tensions; announcing an ongoing coup, spreading photoshopped pictures of soldiers shooting civilians, sending to Gambians in the homeland , through WhatsApp and other SMS apps, scary news…. can create a disproportionate reaction from the government.
Gambian online platforms based in The West are partly responsible for the current situation because they are working daily to create a mess in The Gambia with the hope of destabilizing the current regime and forcing change.
The safest and most renewable way to bring change in The Gambia is to engage the government peacefully, to be patient, to support peace and offer real alternative to the current situation. Opposing a government by violent rhetoric and dangerous propaganda are not helpful. Let us start the change today. Blind Partisanship is our problem.
As of now, no media outlet has information from the Gambia. Take with a grain of salt any news about The Gambia. Let us pray  for peace and a positive outcome of these elections 
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