About Ms. Fatou Bensoda !

Some Gambian news  outlets  have been  relentlessly attacking  Ms. Fatou Bensouda for her refusal to criticize openly The Gambian Government for alleged human rights abuses. Ms. Bensouda  has remained professional  and avoided to sell her dignity to please a certain class of people and groups.  In her position, Ms. Bensouda  has  to treat all countries  on the same footing.   Why Ms. Bensouda should criticize The Gambia for alleged human rights and forget  The United States ‘s systematic racism and police brutality  against African Americans ?  Why Ms. Bensouda  should denounce openly Gambia’s human rights records and forget Saudi Arabia ?  What about Egypt and its military dictatorship’s suppression of all forms of opposition ?  What about all these  old Soviet Union countries with their catastrophic records of human rights abuses ? Why only The Gambia ?

No country has a perfect human rights record.  Respecting the rights of all individuals is an ideal  countries should strive to acquire.  Countries are acquiring it at different pace for historical, geographical and economic reasons.  Let us stop this self-hate. Let us be proud of our fellow Gambian Ms. Fatou Bensouda. As a woman, an African, a citizen of the Third World , she is honoring all of us. She deserves our congratulations, support and prayers.  Unfortunately, some jealous and ill-educated dul na list  [ I cannot call them journalists]   have chosen to attack her on the sole ground that she refuses to criticize the Gambian government openly and publicly. Shame to all of them.
The majority of Gambians are proud of  Ms. Fatou Bensouda and support her in her role as Prosecutor  of The  International Criminal Court  ( ICC )  .
When it comes to The  International Criminal Court  ( ICC ) , that is another story.  That so-called ” International Court ” has lost its  legitimacy for its biased and neocolonialist approach of dealing with the prosecution of human rights violators.  A lot of countries are leaving The Court and The Gambia is one of them. To name a few, Russia, Burundi, South Africa have already left  The ICC.
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