Calling on Gambians to exhibit Peace in December Polls

By: Muhammed L. Saidykhan

As Gambians brace up for the fifth presidential election in the second republic our beautiful abode is unique in the sense that it is a potential a great nation that has the all inclusive ingredients of peace, stability and unity for purpose provided we come together in unison at interactive sessions to iron out key issues with an eye to achieving a peaceful co-habitation.

As we approach the polls on 1st December to elect a new leader and knowing how disruptive election can be at the detriment of such a peaceful co-existence, I hold out this singular proposal of rallying all forces to unite in common good to put the best interest of The Gambia on the global map through consensus at a forum to be attended by all eligible Gambians in order to foster the unity for purpose.

In view of the above I suggest at the earliest possible time for Gambians to be more supportive to national peace and cohesion in averting the rancor that may arise if the proposal is not heeded as too many aspirants are in the fray to contest and is important to scrutinize all in the interest of our common good.

As a Gambian I am ever optimistic that the best interest of the nation will be guaranteed by the electorates and I must take this time to thank and congratulate the current government under the leadership of President Jammeh for putting the Gambia on peaceful ladder that today the so-called west are envy about. I believe he had surely retorted to the allegiance he owed Gambian people.  Despite the rancor from the Diaspora and the tenuous news the Western media had portrayed against us the government of the Gambia was able to serve hardworking, smart, dedicated and well-meaning Gambians to believe that there is hope for the future of this great nation.

The independent electoral commission of the Gambia will also be commended for the fairness and transparency delivered during and after the nomination of the three aspirants. The body also made this announcement that all aspirants will be treated equally on the state media which is worth commendation. This forthcoming election I am hopeful will be fair, free and transparent and at all cost peace and solidity will be fully adhere to by my fellow Gambians, what we seek is a better future – a more peaceful and prosperous Gambia for all of our children. This is where we need wise leadership.

God Bless The Gambia





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