The final days of the US presidential election campaign couldn’t have been more nerve wrecking for party zealots rooting for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. And the FBI director James Comey’s late intervention in the race with his two vaguely submitted letters to congress pertaining to Hillary Clinton’s private emails only ratchet up the voters’ anxiety, leaving some members of both opposing Parties-Republicans and Democrats-at one point or the other questioning the legality of his actions against the backdrop of a US law that forbids such kind of interventions during the last two months of a presidential campaign. Even the Department of Justice expressed their reservation over the timeliness of Comey’s interference.

Regardless, it will still be unfair to lay the entire blame of Clinton’s defeat on just the FBI, considering how the two candidates’ unfavourability rating among the American electorate stayed at an amazing 60% index.

However, with Donald Trump winning, it is probable that the Clinton zealots will be looking for any evidence to demand some form of castigation or even a litigation against the FBI boss that could also be an arsenal to delegitimize President Trump’s victory. They will certainly be blaming Julian Assange of WikiLeaks for the DNC’s hacked emails revealing damaging facts about her campaign secrets; her private email server’s scandal and the suspicious foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation didn’t help her either.

As for the Trump campaign fraternity, one must credit them for their effectiveness and refusal to be dispirited by the polls and predictions that throughout suggested that Clinton’s victory was a foregone conclusion. They insisted that the pollsters totally got it wrong and that is what the results proved at last.

However, looking at the emergence of Donald Trump as a politician, it may be hard to admit, but most of those behind his “movement” are the same anti-Barack Obama Americans whose attraction to the New York billionaire’s political philosophy started in 2008, right after Obama’s election victory when the businessman started the Birther controversy that he still hasn’t in my opinion honestly want to own or repudiate. Trump, whose commitment to any set of beliefs today could change overnight leaves most people rather cynical about whether he sincerely believes in the philosophy he has been preaching to his supporters or could at all deliver his promises, including their expectations of changing America into a greater country than it has been so far. I may be wrong but I think this whole demand from most of his followers about making America great again is an unattainable prospect of reversing the political, economic and cultural course of this country that has gotten more diverse racially, religiously, culturally and politically.

In fact, based on expert assessment, the clear majority of most of the white males angrily supporting Trump and blaming everything on their low incomes or jobs lost to foreigners have nothing tangible to nag about with their average salary earnings pegged over $75,000.00 per annum. They still live in segregated communities and enjoy more rights and privileges in the country than the average non-white people.

They don’t care if President Obama dug this nation out of the worst recession in modern history, or whether he stabilized the economy and put in place enduring measures or regulations to prevent such a major financial slump from happening again. And unfortunately, they are all looking forward to President Trump’s promise of repealing the affordable health care- “Obamacare”-that provides over 20 million poor Americans with health insurance and makes it possible for underprivileged people with pre-existing conditions to get health insurance. Unemployment in 2008 of over 10% reduced by Obama to about 4% is still a disaster in the eyes of Trump’s diehard supporters. Hence, there is no doubt in my mind that the failure of Hillary Clinton to win the election also has something to do with her doggedness of standing by Obama’s political, economic and social agenda that she openly promised to maintain if elected.

What is left now is to watch and see how President Donald Trump is going to deliver the promises he has been making during his campaign. I don’t think he can build a wall at the Mexican border paid for by the Mexican government or deport all the 12 million undocumented immigrants in this country as he promised. Yes, he is very likely to repeal the affordable health care and not replace it with anything to help the poor with health insurance; but I can’t see him fulfilling his campaign promise of creating a commission from day one, to investigate the criminal implications of Clinton’s activities as Secretary of State especially with her private email server. He will not “ban Muslims from coming into the USA until the authorities figure out what the hell is going on”, quoting him verbatim.

But who knows? President Donald Trump may still surprise us and deliver beyond expectation or even turn out to be far better than any of his predecessors.

For the first time, the American voters have elected a president who vows to forge a better working relationship with the Russian Federation that in my view may prove transformational in preventing or eventually stopping the proxy wars fought between the two superpowers all over the world since the Bolshevik revolution of 1917.

Indeed, Trump also believes in a government not burdened with interfering in the internal affairs of other nations under the guise of regime change that he denounces as causing more instability in the world than otherwise intended. That also sounds very progressive and might earn the USA the kind of international respect it was losing from breaking apart stable countries and abandoning them to bandits and terrorists.

After all, it is obvious that the intervention of Russia in the Syrian civil war was a demonstration of their concern over the USA free pass of waging reckless wars against weaker but stable countries such as what happened in Iraq and Libya.

But whereas Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy was to remain confrontational with Putin, Trump on the other hand, and honestly to my preference plans a new approach of reconciliation. The Russian Federation sincerely getting along with the USA will be a huge plus in the international community.

After all, the rivalry of America and the Soviet Union had almost brought the world to a nuclear Armageddon during the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, a dangerous confrontation between John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev that seem to almost reemerge between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin over the Syrian crisis.

So, fancy how wonderful it would be if Donald Trump could forge a good relationship between an American and a Russian government that get along so well that regardless of their national interests would rather prioritize working on solutions to stop wars than supporting them wherever they may breakout in the world? I think that will change the world into a more reasonable habitat for the human family where everything positive will be possible.

May the Almighty Allah guide the new US government and make it one of the great successes in history, nationally and internationally. Congratulations President Elect Donald J. Trump.

Samsudeen Sarr

New York City


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