Now that the British have made it clear to the entire world in their national Brexit vote last week that they care more about England being identified as an extremist-white country rather than anything else, one should now wonder how one can justify the philosophy or bond behind the commonwealth of nations that in effect now illustrates its members as pledging loyalty to an archaic racist kingdom, or sharing moral values with it, despite the compelling odds. Without doubt, the whole phenomenon boils down to two cardinal facts; racism and extremism. And for “Great Britain” of all countries to choose the political path of what is obviously going to be a government-sanctioned racist constitution in 2016, defies all intellectual validation about how well contemporary Western Civilization has evolved over the years.

I guess the only world leader not at all surprised or shocked by the vote is His Excellency Sheikh Professor Doctor Alhagie Yahya A. J. J. Jammeh, Babili Mansa, President of the Islamic Republic of the Gambia who in 2013 became the first head of state among the 54 member states of the commonwealth to quit the organization on the elucidation that the philosophy behind its existence revolves around glorifying a racist Kingdom that for centuries have played the greatest part in pillaging, enslaving and colonizing the African continent to the huge disadvantage of all her inhabitants.

We all know how that was interpreted in most neo-colonized commonwealth member countries especially among those “Uncle-Tom”-personality leaders still hankering for knighthood at Buckingham Palace. They have condemned his decision by characterizing it as a betrayal of the spirit of a seven-decade covenant hinged on mutual respect and benefit for member states. Some even implied that he didn’t know what he was doing at all by walking away from the club of the “Great Empire”.

But in his classic disposition of standing by his principles and calling things what they actually are, especially when he is sure of his vision for the future as being far more important than yielding to the pressure of threats or intimidations, President Jammeh, Babili Mansa never looked back and refused to entertain the numerous errand boys on the service of their masters commissioned to coax him out of it.

After exhausting all forms of threats, criticism, insults and intimidations to force him into rescinding the decision without success, errand puppets in their last attempts resorted to exemplifying Britain as a mere unifying nation of former British colonies whose people in England are loving, helpful and cooperative towards every need of their former colonial subjects. The tactic never worked anyway.

Well, I don’t know whether President Jammeh had predicted the coming of Brexit which he of course could have with the depth of his vision; nonetheless I can swear that he indeed saw it coming years ago. So whereas on one hand his counterparts across the world are trying to wrap their minds around the mindboggling vote illustrating over 50% of the British people, mainly whites, proving to the world their commitment to their superior Aryan race rather than entertaining any form of tolerance for people of different skin color, religion or national identity, Babilli Mansa on the other hand must be in his quiet moment smiling and saying, “I thought as much, and I darn told them to expect it”.

However, With the rest of the 27 European member states now calling Britain to speed up their exit process so as not to be a dead weight on their imminent posture to forge ahead without them, one now wonders how the other 52 commonwealth member countries are morally going to accommodate the membership of such a neo Aryan British Empire and call it business as usual. Or are they going to wait until Wales and Scotland pull out of the kingdom as they are threatening to do in the wake of Brexit before realizing what to do with “Great Britain” in the Commonwealth? We are all watching.

Moreover, the argument that the British vote was influenced by their fear of the uncontrollable migration of thousands of refugees or immigrants running away to safety into Europe from conflict and poverty stricken countries of the world further goes to show the mindset of their undependability when their assistance is most needed in the faces of such crisis.

That is another main reason why President Jammeh chose the path of total independence from them instead of the neo-colonial dependency that he knew would come to this kind of slap in the face if the Gambia were to ever need their urgent or serious assistance. While in the commonwealth, the Gambian president to his horror, which I Believe contributed immensely to his decision to opt out, learnt about how the British government offered preferential treatment to citizens of more affluent member countries over those from weaker and poorer ones but wouldn’t hesitate to impose stiff international regulations on the latter to test their will to remain dominant over all members. In fact, immigrants from certain favored member counties were easily admissible in the UK with some of them requiring no visas while less favored countries have their citizen subjected to all forms of rules and regulations in order to deny them entry and jobs.

After all every evidence indicate their culpability in the reckless political, economic and military adventurism that enabled the destabilization of the entire Middle East after centuries of enslaving and plundering the African continent into total destitution.

President Jammeh therefore doesn’t believe that isolationism or building walls to prevent the inflow of migrants coming to have their fair share of the security and the loot in Europe will mitigate the lingering global crisis but a sincere form of reparation and restitution on all damages done to all countries before mankind will realize an enduring world peace, security and harmony.

Invariably, analysts are insinuating that Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union is only the beginning of many more EU nations following suit with similar demands of more racially balkanized Europe than the integrated kind they have been known to encourage since after World War Two which could sooner rather than later break the union apart. Fears are also expressed over the same concept about the homophobic ramifications of electing Donald Trump as president of the USA in November.

I don’t know about Trump ever becoming president in this country from a racially organized caucus, but I think there is a huge possibility for more western European countries to take that dangerous alternative, given the fact of the overwhelming impact of the immigration flow into their continent with no simple solution for it on sight.
But if that is to happen in Europe the chances are many African puppet countries will be caught in serious dilemma over their allegiance to the openly racist governments, especially those Africans still relying entirely on the advice, handouts and directives of their former colonial masters. I mean those African countries where it is still the best accolade to a person when attributing his or her outstanding qualities to that of a “Toubab’s” (a white person’s) character.

Thank God President Jammeh has broken those neo-colonial shackles anchored on the feet of the Gambians since July 22nd 1994.
Long live the Islamic Republic of the Gambia!
Long live His Excellency Sheikh Professor Doctor Alhagie Yahya A. J. J. Jammeh, Babili Mansa, President of the Islamic Republic of The Gambia and Commander-in-Chief of the Gambia Armed and Security Forces.

Samsudeen Sarr,
New York City.

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